Weava Cell

Weava CELL is ideally placed to assist customers who do not qualify for a conventional contract, be this voice and/or data. These products are designed to consider and assist customers who find it difficult to enter the credit market.A vast majority of South African consumers are not contract users and Weava will focus on changing these dynamics by effectively targeting the existing prepaid market and converting these customers to postpaid contracts. In the process, the customer will save approximately 50% in charges. Customers with Weava CELL will have access to the latest handsets that include a 24-month Vodacom warranty.Even with billing there are no surprises. Once customers have used all their airtime minutes, additional airtime can be purchased from any prepaid vendor.WeavaCELL, an pproved vodacom dealer, offers a wide array of cellular and related products and services and upgrades and after sales service are included.