Telkom LTE/LTE-A Once-Off pre-paid bundles

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The LTE/LTE-A Once-Off pre-paid bundles on offer are:
LTE/LTE-A Once Off Bundles Sizes
Data Allocation Price

5GB anytime and 5GB Night Surfer R99
10GB anytime and 10GB Night Surfer R149
20GB anytime and 20GB Night Surfer R249
40GB anytime and 40GB Night Surfer R359
60GB anytime and 60GB Night Surfer R459
80GB anytime and 80GB Night Surfer R559
120GB anytime and 120GB Night Surfer R759
220GB anytime and 220GB Night Surfer R1059

Please Note the following:
– Purchasing of LTE/LTE-A once-off data bundles and using the bundles is subject to the availability of LTE network coverage within the specified location and the subscriber will not be able to roam on Vodacom network.
– A sales agent will be able to assist you with checking if your address is within LTE network coverage range. Alternatively, you can verify same online at:
The LTE/LTE-A once-off bundles shall have Anytime data and Night Surfer Data. Night Surfer shall be valid to be consumed between 12am – 7am.
– The data validity period for LTE/LTE-A Once Off Anytime data bundles shall be 61 days. i.e. LTE/LTE-A Once-off Anytime bundles shall expire 61 days from the date of activation.
–  The data validity period for LTE/LTE-A Once Off Night Surfer data bundles shall be 31 days, i.e. LTE/LTE-A Once-off Night Surfer bundles will expire 31 days from the date of activation