Vodacom’s 2024 Price Adjustments on Flexi, RED and fibre packagesVodacom’s 2024 Price Adjustments on

South African mobile operator Vodacom has disclosed forthcoming price adjustments affecting postpaid and fiber packages, encompassing the RED and Flexi plans. The scheduled increases, averaging 4.6%, are set to take effect from April 1, 2024, as communicated in a news release on Friday, February 23. Vodacom attributed the need for these adjustments to various factors, including investments in network resilience maintenance, heightened operational expenses due to base station vandalism, battery theft, load shedding, currency devaluation, and rising inflation.

Postpaid tariffs, as well as recurring and one-time bundles, are slated for an average 8% increase in May. Simultaneously, fiber customers will witness an average 5% upswing in select fiber plans. Notably, certain costs, such as insurance premiums, hardware and device expenses, value-added-services (VAS), and out-of-bundle (OOB) rates, will remain unaffected, providing a measure of relief against the broader increments, according to Rishaad Tayob, Vodacom South Africa’s Consumer Business Director.

Moreover, there are added perks for specific plans. Customers enrolled in selected RED Integrated and RED VIP plans are entitled to up to 11% extra data, while those on Flexi plans will continue to receive supplementary airtime. Emphasizing their dedication to supporting the nation’s economic growth and resilience, Tayob affirmed Vodacom’s commitment to delivering optimal value, a robust network, affordable pricing structures, and an exceptional customer experience.

For a comprehensive overview of the 2024 price adjustments across RED, Flexi, and fiber packages, refer to the detailed tables below, which provide a breakdown of all the announced increases for the year (inclusive of VAT).

RED Integrated Post-paid Plans:

Current PlanNew PlanCurrent Price2024 Price
RED 600MB 50minRED 650MB 50min PlanR215,00R233,00
RED 1.2GB 100minRED 1.3GB 100min PlanR315,00R341,00
RED 2.5GB 150minRED 2.7GB 150min PlanR415,00R449,00
RED 5GB 300minRED 5.5GB 300min PlanR515,00R557,00
RED 10GB 600minRED 11GB 600min PlanR815,00R881,00
RED 20GB UnlimitedRED 22GB Unlimited PlanR1 015,00R1 097,00
RED 40GB UnlimitedRED 44GB Unlimited PlanR1 415,00R1 527,00
RED 60GB UnlimitedRED 65GB Unlimited PlanR2 015,00R2 177,00

RED Integrated TopUp Plans:

Current NameNew NameCurrent Price2024 Price
RED 600MB 50min – TopUpRED 650MB 50min TopUp PlanR225,00R243,00
RED 1.2GB 100min TopUpRED 1.3GB 100min TopUp PlanR349,00R377,00
RED 2.5GB 150min TopUpRED 2.7GB 150min TopUp PlanR469,00R507,00
RED 5GB 300min TopUpRED 5.5GB 300min TopUp PlanR599,00R647,00
RED 10GB 600min TopUpRED 11GB 600min TopUp PlanR899,00R971,00
RED 20GB Unlimited TopUpRED 22GB Unlimited TopUp PlanR1 099,00R1 187,00
RED 40GB Unlimited TopUpRED 44GB Unlimited TopUp PlanR1 499,00R1 617,00
RED 60GB Unlimited TopUpRED 65GB Unlimited TopUp PlanR2 099,00R2 261,00

RED VIP Plans:

Current NameNew NameCurrent Price2024 Price
RED VIP 20GB UnlimitedRED VIP 22GB PlanR2 021,00R2 163,00
RED VIP 40GB UnlimitedRED VIP 44GB PlanR2 585,00R2 766,00
RED VIP 80GB UnlimitedRED VIP 88GB PlanR3 499,00R3 767,00
RED VIP 120GB UnlimitedRED VIP 130GB PlanR4 599,00R4 961,00

RED Integrated – Legacy Plans:

Current PlanNew PlanCurrent Price2024 Price
Red AdvantageRed AdvantageR1 179,00R1 274,00
Red Advantage Month to MonthRed Advantage Month to MonthR1 179,00R1 274,00
Red ProfessionalRed ProfessionalR1 499,00R1 617,00
Red Professional Month to MonthRed Professional Month to MonthR1 499,00R1 617,00

RED Flexi Plans:

Current PlanNew PlanCurrent Price2024 Price
RED Flexi 75RED Flexi 80 PlanR75,00R79,99
RED Flexi 140RED Flexi 150 PlanR140,00R149,99
RED Flexi 250RED Flexi 270 PlanR250,00R269,00
RED Flexi 500RED Flexi 540 PlanR500,00R539,00

Legacy RED Flexi Plans:

Current PlanNew PlanCurrent Price2024 Price
RED Flexi 120RED Flexi 130 PlanR120,00R130,00
RED Flexi 170RED Flexi 180 PlanR170,00R180,00
RED Flexi 300RED Flexi 320 PlanR300,00R321,00
RED Flexi 550RED Flexi 590 PlanR550,00R589,00

Mobile Broadband Contract Plans (MBB):

Current PlansNew PlansCurrent Price2024 Price
250MB Data Contract250MB Data ContractR32,00R33,99
500MB Data Contract500MB Data ContractR54,00R57,99
1GB Data Contract1GB Data ContractR89,00R95,99
2GB Data Contract2GB Data ContractR149,00R159,99

Mobile Broadband Top-Up Plans (MBB):

Current PlansNew PlansCurrent Price2024 Price
250MB Data Bundle TopUp250MB Data Bundle TopUpR32,00R33,99
500MB Data Bundle TopUp500MB Data Bundle TopUpR54,00R57,99
1GB Data Bundle TopUp1GB Data Bundle TopUpR89,00R95,99
2GB Data Bundle TopUp2GB Data Bundle TopUpR149,00R159,99

Fibre Plans:

Current PlansNew PlansCurrent Price2024 Price
10Mbps Unlimited10Mbps UnlimitedR679,00R712,00
20Mbps Unlimited20Mbps UnlimitedR799,00R839,00
50Mbps Unlimited50Mbps UnlimitedR1 019,00R1 075,00
100Mbps Unlimited100Mbps UnlimitedR1 249,00R1 317,00

Vodacom emphasizes that these price adjustments are essential for the sustainability of its operations, enabling continued investments in expanding and enhancing the network.