Axxess Rolls Out Uncapped Vodacom Fixed-LTE Services

Axxess, the renowned Internet service provider (ISP), has recently expanded its array of offerings by introducing a comprehensive selection of fixed-LTE packages in collaboration with Vodacom, a leading telecommunications network provider. This recent addition, which took effect on February 27, 2024, marks a significant enhancement to Axxess’s existing LTE plans, which have historically been provided through partnerships with MTN and Telkom.

Unlike Vodacom’s own retail business, which currently lacks uncapped packages and employs stringent data consumption limitations on its Home Internet plans, Axxess now presents subscribers with four uncapped options leveraging Vodacom’s network infrastructure. These packages vary in speeds and fair usage policies (FUPs), catering to diverse user needs and preferences.

The most budget-friendly plan starts at R299 per month and boasts speeds of up to 20Mbps, allowing for an initial data consumption of 50GB at full speed. Subsequently, speeds are throttled down to 2Mbps for the remainder of the month. For an additional R100 per month, subscribers can access faster speeds of up to 30Mbps and a more lenient FUP of 150GB before throttling kicks in.

At R499 per month, Axxess offers a plan with speeds of up to 50Mbps, coupled with a 300GB FUP. Similarly, this plan throttles speeds to 2Mbps once the fair usage limit is reached. The premium uncapped package, labeled “Pro” and priced at R699 per month, provides users with uncapped speeds, essentially delivering the network’s maximum potential performance within the subscriber’s vicinity. However, after consuming 600GB of data in a month, speeds are capped at 1Mbps, subject to the ISP’s discretion in managing user traffic.

It’s worth noting that the actual speeds experienced by subscribers may vary depending on factors such as the capability of their LTE routers and the extent of network coverage. Axxess recommends the TP-Link MR600 router for optimal performance and extends a discounted price of R1,499 for customers subscribing to its fixed-LTE packages. Additionally, various other compatible routers are supported to ensure flexibility and choice for consumers.

For those who prefer capped data plans or have more moderate data needs, Axxess offers Vodacom fixed-LTE packages with data allocations ranging from 25GB to 200GB, priced between R199 and R499 per month. These plans also allow for data rollover for an extra month following activation. Moreover, customers have the option to purchase one-time data top-ups, ranging from 2GB to 10GB, at affordable rates to supplement their usage as needed.

In summary, Axxess’s expanded range of fixed-LTE packages in collaboration with Vodacom offers consumers a diverse selection of uncapped and capped options tailored to their data requirements and preferences, further enhancing connectivity and flexibility in the realm of home internet services.